Rubber Roofing Wirral

(EPDM) Rubber Roofing Wirral

Capable of helping with all aspects of roofing, we are also An Approved epdm Firestone Rubberbond Contractor in Wirral. With many years experience repairing Wirral roofs we can advise you on a number of top quality roofing materials including EPDM Rubberbond. Get Some Free epdm Advice!

You may of been considering some built up felt to replace that roof at home, and whilst we agree felt provides a considerable roof repair with durability an epdm fire stone roof replacement could provide an even better solution. If epdm roofing in Wirral sounds like something you would like to talk more about then join our many satisfied customers and give us a call. We can come to your property and provide a full and fair quote. Firestone epdm is a durable flexible roofing material that produces a strong and long long lasting roof at any property. See many Wirral repair jobs where we have used epdm Rubberbond in place of traditional felt materials. All our roof repairs are backed with our work guaranteed.

EPDM Advantages

  • Highest quality roofing material
  • Durable, long lasting, and effective
  • Prices are comparable to felt materials
  • Suitable for most roofing aspects
  • Smooth, flush finish that looks great
  • Approved Firestone & Duoply Contractors
Flat roofing Duoply
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With over 25 years experience, fully insured roofing services you can be sure you will be getting a great service at a fair price.